Artistic Idea


I paint with Dynamics. In my watercolour technique, the brush is used to throw paint on canvas; often, I also pour it directly from the vessel on the painting. I achieve the effect of pouring and mixing paints by moving a sheet of paper or canvas.

Colour saturation in watercolour is obtained by choosing appropriate components and powdered natural pigments, which I mix up by myself according to the recipes used in ancient watercolour painting in the Far East.

I paint on large formats of thick cotton cardboard or canvas specially primed for watercolour.


I developed my own painting technique, which allows me to transfer the effects obtained in watercolour painting on canvas.

I combine glaze effects and dynamics of watercolour painting with the texture of acrylic or oil.

Using the multidimensionality of the surface, I obtain the effect of depth and space in the painting.


I show in my paintings reality that gives awareness of transcendence. Matter is presented by me as the penetration of parallelly functioning dimensions.

Penetration is a symbol of the multidimensionality of people and their complex world.

Complexity consists of the family history, place of existence, relationships, emotions and experiences.

This one of a kind combination builds the spiritual energy of the paintings, which communicates with the viewer at several levels – conscious, subconscious and energetic.