Night whispers of light since 2017


In this series I refer to the Buddhist story about a monster that appeared in the kingdom when the king left. All subjects were terrified and wanted to chase away the monster, and the furious monster became more and more dangerous. When the king came back, he decided to get to know the monster and hosted him the best he was able to. Everyone was very surprised that the monster, which until then terrorised them, started to shrink and became a gentle, lovable creature.

When mind whispers in your ear only the worst scenarios, when you lose faith and sense of what you do, what at night appears the doubt and fear… Don’t chase it away and don’t pretend it doesn’t exist. Take a closer look at it, breath with this image. Maybe it’s childhood fear, when you preferred to stay in the dark, because the light switch was too far away, and you were paralysed with fear. Maybe in the shreds of light you will see what you were really afraid of. You will realise what you were afraid ofthen, isn’t a threat today, and that you can deal with everything as an adult.